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4 x 200L 100% Acetone (1 Pallet)

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100% Pure Acetone Acetone is a colourless, flammable and highly volatile liquid with a pungent odour. It is an effective...
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100% Pure Acetone

Acetone is a colourless, flammable and highly volatile liquid with a pungent odour. It is an effective organic solvent for many plastics, synthetic fibers, difficult resins, waxes and adhesives.  Acetone is a smallest Ketone with the formula of CH3COCH3.

Did you know the human body produces and disposes Acetone through normal metabolic processes? It is normally present in blood and urine and diabetic patients produce Acetone in larger amounts.


  • Do it Yourself cleaning
  • Removing scuff marks from the floor
  • Removing paint drops from the mirror, glasses and floors
  • Thinning of polyester resin
  • Cleaning of fibreglass resin tools and brushes
  • Dissolving epoxies and superglue
  • As a paint thinner
  • Beauty Products
  • Cleaning PVC pipes prior to gluing
  • Removing tea/coffee stains
  • Removing nail polish and adhesives
  • Cleaning fibreglass brushes and tools
  • Heavy duty degreaser
  • Preparing metal before painting or soldering
  • As a solvent for the storage safe transportation of acetylene
  • Acetone also used for cleaningmicroscope slides of certain stains
  • Widely used as acetone vapor bath smoothing for polishing of printing artefacts on 3D-printed models 


  • Widely miscible – able to be mixed to form a solution
  • Completely miscible with water
  • Quick drying (high evaporation rate)


  • Removing permanent marker marks
  • Dissolving the ink as it is wiped away
  • Removes residue remaining from old stickers or glue


  • Sanitising beauty tools – nail clippers, tweezers etc.
  • Add a drop of Acetone to nail polish if it has started to dry up
  • Soak Shellac nails with a cotton bud of acetone using foil to secure it around the nail and allow to soak for a period of time allowing the polish to lift off the nail.

Safety Features:

  • The most hazardous characteristic of acetone is, it’s extremely flammable and burns with yellow bright flames. Although, accidental ignition is rare due to a very high ignition initiation point at 465 °C.
  • Acetone forms in to acetone peroxide, which is a highly unstable explosive compound, as a by-product when mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Acetone has low acute and chronic toxicity if ingested and/or inhaled, not considered as a carcinogen or a mutagenic chemical.
  • Acetone causes mild skin irritation and moderate to severe eye irritation. At high concentrations, it may depress the central nervous system like many other solvents.
4 x 200L 100% Acetone (1 Pallet)
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