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Biogreen Anti Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid 5L

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We are a Leading supplier of Biogreen products in Australia. Buy online, call us on (07)55207222 or visit our warehouse in Gold...
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We are a Leading supplier of Biogreen products in Australia.

Buy online, call us on (07)55207222 or visit our warehouse in Gold Coast, Australia.

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BIO-GREEN ANTI-BACTERIAL DISHWASHING LIQUID is a new generation cleaner with a unique mix of plant based wetting agents and foaming agents. The product utilizes a plant based acid as natures’ anti-bacterial agent – found in foods, plants, animals and the human body. These natural anti-bacterial agents play an important role in cellular and body metabolism and are classified as non-toxic (reports available for algae, fish, rats) and readily biodegradable. They are FIFRA approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and notified at European Biocide Directive, BDP (98/8/EC) for PT 2,3,4 & 6.

The product is ideal for manual dishwashing and general cleaning with outstanding skin compatibility and a steady supply of foam. Prepared from selected ingredients that have been carefully chosen to maximize both ecological and operator safety.


  • Readily Bio-degradable
  • Natural anti-bacterial agent that is plant derived and ecofriendly (unless you are a bacterial or mould)
  • Soft on hands - improved mildness to skin
  • Safe for kids
  • Eliminates odours
  • Phosphate free, Paraben free, DEA free
  • Septic safe - designed to be used in conventional septics, waste water treatment plants and grey water systems
  • Grey water safe - breaks down into nutrients that are safe for the garden (<0.6% Sodium)
  • User friendly - no poisons, no corrosives, no known allergens
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon)
  • Aromatic lemon oils
  • Value for money
  • A unique blend of surfactants and foaming agents for optimum results


BIO-GREEN ANTI-BACTERIAL DISHWASHING LIQUID” is safe to use on most surfaces compatible with water.

  • Manual Dishwashing: 5 – 10 ml per sink load of hot water.
  • General cleaning: 10 – 20 ml per 10L bucket of water.


Water, anionic wetting agents (plant derived) ,amphoteric wetting agents (plant derived), food acid, essential oil, food dyes.


The surfactants used in BIOGREEN ANTI-BACTERIAL DISHWASHING LIQUID are readily biodegradable according to Australian Standard AS 4351.

Made in Australia by an Australian owned company.


  • NOT classified as hazardous, according to the criteria of SAFEWORK Australia.
  • NOT classified as Dangerous Goods according to the ADG Code.
  • NOT classified as a scheduled poison according to the SUSMP.
  • NOT classified as hazardous to the criteria of GHS.

Labelling Phrases:

Risk: None allocated.

Safety: None allocated.


After washing, rinse and dry hands thoroughly.


If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre (phone 131126)


Grey water regulations vary from state to state and it’s important to be aware of local state and council rules. Grey water is household waste-water from the bathroom, hand basin, shower, and laundry.

The components of cleaning products most likely to cause problems are phosphorus, salinity, sodium, and pH.

P – Phosphorus: Small amounts of phosphorus can be useful for plants, and it’s a major component of fertiliser. When it gets into waterways, however, it can cause excessive algal growth, leading to toxic algal blooms. The effect on your soil is varied depending on your soil type. Clay soils can deal with more phosphorus because the phosphorus binds to clay minerals and doesn’t leach away. On sandy soils, excess phosphorus can leach into groundwater. Australian soils are typically low in phosphorus, and some native species can’t tolerate high levels.

Salinity: All laundry detergents contain salts, typically sodium salts such as sodium carbonate, sodium sulphate, sodium phosphate and sodium silicate. Laundry detergents are generally highly saline, and frequent long-term use would likely harm your garden, unless it was spread over a large area.

Na- Sodium: Sodium in the salts is particularly detrimental not only to plants, but soils. It affects the soil’s permeability and causes a loss of structural stability.

pH : Laundry detergents are generally highly alkaline (that is, have a high pH): a pH higher than 10 helps dissolve organic dirt, such as grease, oils and food scraps. Strong mineral acids like conventional toilet bowl cleaners cause very low pH. Most biological systems prefer a pH between 6 and 9, and grey water with a high pH or low pH is likely to harm many plants and soil organisms.

BIOGREEN ANTI-BACTERIAL DISHWASH LIQUID has been designed to be ‘grey water safe’ – it breaks down into nutrients that are safe for the garden. It contains less than 0.6% sodium, is free of phosphate, and has a neutral pH (6.0). Upon suitable dilution with rinse water, the anti-bacterial agents lose activity and biodegrade, presenting no issues to septic systems.

Biogreen Anti Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid 5L
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