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MX4 Lanox Lanolin Lubricant 20L with Free Applicator + Tap

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  MX4 LANOX LANOLIN LUBRICANT LANOX Lanolin Lubricant is a heavy duty, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade...
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LANOX Lanolin Lubricant is a heavy duty, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade oil and lanolin base, with specialised chemical compounds. LANOX Is created with Lanolin, a natural wax found in animal wool, especially the wool from sheep, commonly referred as ‘WOOL FAT’ or ‘WOOL GREASE’.

Lanolin has widespread uses, ranging from cosmetics, soaps and medical products to rust proofing and lubrication. Lanolin has been used in skin care and cosmetics as far back as 700BC, but in the late nineteenth century it was refined at a new level, giving us lanolin with an extremely high quality. Although we make INOX, a quality anti-corrosion lubricant, there are areas where a lanolin based anti-corrosion lubricant like LANOX is sometimes better suited for the application at hand.

LANOX MX4 has ideal applications in the Marine industry. It designed to stop electrolysis between different metals and prevent oxidation and rust from forming on the surface. The lanolin base helps to prolong the protection between applications, as it is a natural anti-corrosion compound that is not soluble in water and leaves a protective film behind.

  • LANOX is a heavy duty anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade lubricating oil and lanolin base with specialized chemical compounds.
  • LANOX contains no silicon, kerosene, acids or dieselene.
  • LANOX is harmless to metal points & surfaces, plastics, painted & enamel finishes, fibreglass, formica or neoprene seals.
  • LANOX doesn’t become sticky, gooey or gum up.
  • LANOX is non-conductive, non-static & non-corrosive.
  • LANOX has neutral properties, low flammability (NON-AEROSOL)
  • Lanox doesn’t dry out or wash off with water

MX4 Lubricant Applications and Uses

INOX will cover most of the applications most of the times where an anti-corrosion lubricant is required, but there are times when a heavier, longer lasting anti-corrosion lubricant is needed to do the job. 4 years of research and testing went into LANOX before it was brought to the market. About 70% of the time LANOX and INOX can be used for the same application, INOX is more suitable for the lighter applications such as electrical, fishing, garage doors, hobbies etc. and LANOX is suitable for the more extreme climate and high humidity conditions.


For  protection against corrosion and helps reduce fouling.


Keeps shovels, trowels, floats & formwork clean and corrosion free between use – Stops mortar and concrete adhering to aluminium frames, window & door glass on construction and building work sites.


Protects bare metal surfaces, frame work and welded joints in the open air from corrosion during construction before painting – Also good for the protection of all unpainted metal held in storage.


Use as an anti-seize on track and blade bolts & nuts before screwing together – Protects all blades and bare metal surfaces between use.


Protects all painted and bare mental surfaces, sprockets, chains and cables from corrosion on all tractors, harvesters (grain, sugar, grape, etc), sowers, vegetable diggers and washers in use and in the off season.


Keeps pump motors, cables, linkages, couplings and electricals clean and free from corrosion and lubricated while in use and when in storage.


Protects outboards, clamps, props and jet skis from salt water corrosion, will not harm or harden rubber fittings – Keeps control and steering cables and linkages in good working order, lubricated and corrosion free.


Spray on all livestock crates and gates (rail , road, etc) to protect from rust and chemical corrosion before transit or in storage.
Lubricates and protects locks and hinges.


Protects all bare metal surfaces, pump motors (above and below ground), drag lines, winches and associated electricals from moisture and corrosion in humid and adverse weather conditions.


Stops electrolysis – Keeps winches, cables, slip cradles and wheel bushes lubricated & corrosion free – protection for all electricals from moisture & corrosion.


Protects all painted and bare metal surfaces in the open from moisture and corrosion – Protects all timber surfaces for water and dry rot ( may slightly darken bare timber but it will not harm it) – Waterproofs and protects leather harness’s, boots, etc. Protects Firearms, barrels, etc in long term storage, will not harm stocks or metal finishes.


Boat, box & car trailers and horse floats, spray on chassis, springs, axles, hinges, couplings, winches, cables. light fittings and electricals for protection from sea air and salt water corrosion.


Spray on all metal threads before joining, stops threads from corroding together, makes it easier to undo all joints, nuts, bolts and screws at a later date.

MX4 Lanox Lanolin Lubricant 20L with Free Applicator + Tap
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