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Sonitron Sonifresh 5L

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SONITRON has quite a wide and varied range of Deodorants. This bulletin deals with the perfumed group, often described as...
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SONITRON has quite a wide and varied range of Deodorants. This bulletin deals with the perfumed group, often described as REODORANTS. These products exert a 3 way action.They contain odourless odour destroyers which are effective alone in deodorising, supported by a powerful germicide, together with the reodorant action of the perfume components. Once the product is diluted beyond its biocidal limits it is then completely biodegradable.

The residual action of a deodorant obviously depends on available ventilation, the surface to which it is applied and the quantity used. We have a range of residual actions to cater for circumstances and personal taste. Samples of deodorants are readily available.


SONIFRESH: A fresh cologne type, compatible with most Sonitron® detergents. Sonifresh is our most popular perfumed reodorant.

FRESH CITRUS: Fresh lemon notes predominate in this attractive citrus blend. This product is totally compatible with our citrus special detergents and Ecoclean. Citrus is a very good choice used adjacent to a kitchen or food area, since it is a natural food type odour.

MURRUMBIDGEE ORCHARD: This blended orchard type is a fruit and flowers combination. It is bland but quite persistent.

ODORBLOK: This pleasant but very persistent product is a top seller and widely used with carpet cleaning in rental accommodation where the premises may be closed up shortly after completion of the clean. The same problem may occur in car detailing.

BABY POWDER: The odour is similar to the well known Johnsons Baby Powder. If has found a particular niche market in areas such as ladies amenities. It is quite residual.


SONITRON DEODORANTSare especially designed to support and enhance the action of Sonitron cleaning compounds and are widely used in carpet and upholstery cleaning and flood restoration operations.

They are very suitable for use as a room deodorant in, motels, hotels and for use in the toilet and amenities areas of hotels, caravan parks, clubs and commercial premises generally. SONITRON® DEODORANTS are equally suitable for use in motor vehicles and in the home.


2. General Deodorant Use: When used as a room deodorant a dilution of 1 in 10 of water is suggested.

SONITRON® DEODORANTS may be sprayed or wiped undiluted on to compatible surfaces such as toilet bowls, cisterns or ceramic tile walls to create a longer residual effect.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store away from extremes of temperature. It is important to replace the cap as soon as possible after measuring out since evaporation of the alcohol caused by having the lid off may destabilise the product.

If stored properly they are stable for several years.


Sonitron Sonifresh 5L
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